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Mac Lyon
Professional Storyteller 

Born and raised in the River City, Brisbane will always be close to my heart. I grew up on a small acreage property in the leafy outer-suburb of Bunya, climbing trees, riding motorbikes and exploring the wonders of our wild backyard with my two brothers. Come school holidays, we’d cram into the backseat of the Landcruiser, mum and dad in the front, to travel the far reaches of Queensland and beyond. 


At school, I found my calling early. A Grade One public speaking competition ignited my love for spinning a yarn and captivating an audience - a passion that would only intensify with every English oral and Student Council election that followed. When it came to choosing a career it was mum who suggested journalism. Three years later, approaching my last semester at QUT, I was offered a dream job with 7News in Cairns. 


My career in TV would see me hop around the state from the Far North, to the Sunshine Coast and down to the Goldy, before finally returning to Brisbane as the State’s Crime Reporter. During my seven years at Seven I bore witness to the best and worst of humanity and the might of mother nature covering cyclones, floods, fires, shark attacks, Dreamworld’s ride tragedy and New Zealand’s volcano disaster. Whether reporting on murders or miracles, my favourite part of the job was always meeting interesting people and sharing their stories. That hasn’t changed - only my mission now is to spread positivity with each story.


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