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We combine captivating video and audio to tell impactful stories about people, business and brands making a positive impact - big or small. 



We're a team of journalists and videographers with decades of combined experience covering major stories around the world for Australia’s biggest commercial broadcasters. 



We don't just create content, we make meaning, unlock empathy, stir excitement, spread knowledge and promote a shared dream through impactful the power of story.

We're on a mission to communicate meaningful and moving video narratives. 

Storytelling make people feel something - so that's what we do. See for yourself.

Let us tell your story in a way that will deeply connect with your communities.


We can deliver a first draft of Your Story within 48 hours of filming.


Our team of professional storytellers are based across Queensland and Australia.



Our mission is to unearth the characters behind businesses and organisations that we believe in and communicate their stories in a way that that intrigues, informs and inspires audiences.


Through our social media platforms we're building a community that shares our purpose for promoting positivity.


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Matt Keys


Working with the Mac, Tom and the Stories Told team was fantastic. They took the time to understand the intricacies of my work and were able to simplify it for a much broader audience. The response I’ve had since the Stories Told story went online has been amazing and I’d put pretty much all of that down to how well Mac and Tom did in putting my story together. It’s been really awesome. Thanks guys!

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 4.22.15 pm.png

Juanita Breen

Echo Valley Farm

There is so much value in sharing your story, but also understanding it, and having it told for you! This is exactly the amazing experience we had with Mac and the team at Stories Told! They are genuine, engaging, creative, and so talented; sharing our story in the most beautiful, respectful way. Marketing has become so confusing, and customers and communities have lost connection with genuine stories, brands, producers, people, and groups - Stories Told create an avenue for this gap to be bridged... Every small business or farm, or anyone with a story that needs telling, definitely should get in touch with Mac and the team! 

Jaimie McMillan - Wild Sage Collective | Testimonial

Jamie McMillan

Wild Sage Collective

Talking and listening are the most powerful qualities a human can possess. The ability of the team from Stories Told to recognise the opportunity to venture into regional QLD and shout-out all the cool things we’ve got to say + show-off is what communities, like Allora, need.




We’ll work with you to create a plan that can powerfully communicate your message through story.


A storyteller and videographer will capture all of the elements needed to tell Your Story.


A storyteller will write and voice a script before we craft Your Story using video and audio for maximum impact.


Once a draft is edited we'll consult with you then revise Your Story to ensure it delivers.


Your Story will premiere across our platforms, to communicate your message to our community.